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Drawing on Your Own Strength in Business and Life

Phyllis Carrera Licensed Professional Counselor Life & Leadership Coach, Helping people transform their lives with courage, commitment and grace.   www.phylliscarrera.com  
678-360-6018 Phone   877-212-2489 Fax In this interview Phyllis discusses...

- Relationship struggles
- Alleviating the fears of therapy
- Taking responsibility for making a shift
- How we have more strength than we know


Be sure to watch Phyllis' interview on the GBDN.tv Biz Blog for more great insight into being successful in business http://www.gbdn.tv/index.php/our-blog

Stop Doing That!

Essie Escobedo, Chef Executive Angel of Office Angels says "Stay focused on what you do best. Let Office Angels handle the rest." 770.442.9246 Phone  770-475-6984 Fax
In this informative interview Essie
- Explains why you should stop doing what you're doing
- How to manage your back office more efficiently
- Why being in control can be counterproductive
- How to help your business grow


Be sure to go to the Biz Blog and watch Essies' bonus footage for more business information. http://gbdn.tv/index.php/our-blog

What's Food Got to do with Your Business Success?

Katharine Pike, Health Coach, Speaker, Weight Loss Expert and founder of  Lighter Body Solution. "We help conscious business women who struggle with food and with diets to be their ideal weight permanently so they can refocus their time and energy on building their business and making more of a difference." www.LighterBodySolutioncom,
404-731-6628 In this interview Katharine reveals...
- What food has to do with your success in business
- How to avoid the Food Warp
- Why it's not easy to follow your own directions
- Why permanent weight loss happens from the neck up...and more


Be sure to watch bonus footage with Katharine on the GBDN.tv Biz Blog

10 Business Misconceptions that can Keep You From Having a Great Year

Gary W. Patterson, Fiscal Doctor. Working with leaders who want to uncover their blind spots so that they can make better decisions. © www.FiscalDoctor.com     678-319-4739 
Consider which of these 10 misconceptions will sound correct and yet can be so costly to you and your business. Some of the business misconceptions Gary addresses in this interview are:
- Addressing the 800# gorilla and the dead rats in your business
- Managing by your gut
- Hiring outside expets is sign of weakness
- Cash flow projections are just too much work
- Ignoring your $1M blindspots
Be sure to watch Gary's other great business advice on the GBDN.tv biz blog - just click on the blog button above.